Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flower Garland Giveaway - The Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated at our flower garland giveaway! After reading all your wonderful comments, we would love to send a garland to every single one of you, but it would take too long to crochet that many vines, flowers and leaves. So, here are the winners :

One garland goes to Solange, because she was the first to know, that the pictures in question were taken in Coburg.  As far as I could find out by now, this means, the garland will travel to Brasila, wow! Congratulations, Solange! You answered so fast, have you ever been to Coburg?

The second garland was raffled among all the other participants. I closed my eyes and grabbed one name out of the bowl:

Congratulations, Sarah H! Please send me an Email because your blogger profile isn't public and I have no chance to contact you otherwise.

Now, this was really fun and we hope, you've enjoyed our little giveaway, too!
Thanks again, to all of you. We'll be back soon to tell you, what has been going on here recently.


Jo and Mo

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Flower Garland Giveaway

Christian, me and my son had just arrived back in Berlin the other day. Sitting in front of the computer, I was sorting the pictures, we took on our vacation, recalling the recent days. First we had been to Nuremberg, where we did stay at my parents home. Then, we had moved on to the family week end, Christian's dad organizes once a year, inviting all his children and their folks. Each year he picks a different town in Germany for this great family tradition! I looked at all the photographs of  parents, aunts, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters when suddenly Mo showed up, clapping her little hands whilst jumping up and down next to my keyboard.
"Hey, did you know, we had been featured at Piewacket blog?" she called.
"Sure!" I said. "At last, I answered Lara's questions for the interview!"
Mo scowled at me. "Oh, the interview!" she hissed. Then she reached for my left pinkie and gave it a pinch.
"Don't pretend it hurts, it can't! Because I'm just an i-ma-gi-na-ti-ve friend, you know!"
"Wait!" I said "You can not read nor write, even less in English, isn't it?"
"Rattle can!" she nodded.
"Rattle, the boy, I was in vacation with lately." Mo rolled her eyes and went on: "Whilst you were having fun with Mr. Bargain, can you remember?" 
I took a deep breath.
"However" she continued  more peaceable, "Lara wrote such nice things about us. And she wasn't the only one. Not to mention, all the wonderful comments we've got. Don't you think it's time to say "thank you", time to give something back. It's not long ago, we thought, nobody would take any interest in our chatter at all!" 
I had to agree.
"Can't we do a little giveaway?" she smiled. "It certainly has to be something small, concerning shipping costs and your budget." she reflected. "What about flower garlands? They are lightweight and easy to pack and one never can have enough." Then she took a look at some pictures I just had moved to a different folder on my desktop. "Did you meet those people at the family week end?" she laughed. "By the way, where did it take place this time?"
"Not too far away from Nuremberg, at..."
"Wait!" she interrupted me, "Let our readers guess, we'll have a little riddle! One flower garland for the first who knows, where you have stayed!"
"But, isn't this a little unfair? Germans might be able to tell easily!", I argued.
"All right. Additionally, we'll raffle a second flower garland among all the participants in general."
"OK" I said, "Let's try!"

So, below are the pictures. If you want to take part at our little giveaway, just comment on this post. One garland goes to the participant who is the first to answer, where I took these pictures. If no answer is right, it will go to the participant who's guess is closest. The second garland will be ruffled among all participants. We'll announce the winners on the 25th of August. 
Now, I hope there are at least two persons in need for a lovely flower garland, about 1,70 m (5 feet or 6.93 inches) long, crocheted by me.

Edit (on August, 25th):
The giveaway and comments are closed now. The winners will be announced soon. :-)


Have fun!
Mo and Jo

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jo's Crochet Flower Garland How-To

"What are you doing? Your things are packed, the cheese cake for your parents is ready and you ought to sleep by now! Did you forget, you are going on vacation tomorrow?" Mo asked and shook her little head. 
"I'm trying to write down the pattern for my flower garland. I want to get this done before I'm leaving, but it's difficult."
"The pattern?"
"No, the pattern is very simple to crochet, but I'm not good in explaining, I guess." I said and stated: "The garland was in the picture of the old table and all the other things Mr. Bargain encouraged me to buy. One dear reader called Moogie, asked me for the pattern, when she commented at the "Mr. Bargain" post last week. I promised to write it down and I thought, this might me a brilliant way, to give a little something back to all those wonderful people, who read our stories and take time to leave a comment."
"I see! Well-intentioned, at least!", laughed Mo, looking at all my muddled notes with crochet abbreviations on them.

Jump to our tutorial page to see what I wrote...

We will be back soon, two weeks from now at the latest!

Mo and Jo