Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flower Garland Giveaway - The Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated at our flower garland giveaway! After reading all your wonderful comments, we would love to send a garland to every single one of you, but it would take too long to crochet that many vines, flowers and leaves. So, here are the winners :

One garland goes to Solange, because she was the first to know, that the pictures in question were taken in Coburg.  As far as I could find out by now, this means, the garland will travel to Brasila, wow! Congratulations, Solange! You answered so fast, have you ever been to Coburg?

The second garland was raffled among all the other participants. I closed my eyes and grabbed one name out of the bowl:

Congratulations, Sarah H! Please send me an Email because your blogger profile isn't public and I have no chance to contact you otherwise.

Now, this was really fun and we hope, you've enjoyed our little giveaway, too!
Thanks again, to all of you. We'll be back soon to tell you, what has been going on here recently.


Jo and Mo


  1. well done to the winners..... :) such a pretty prize!

  2. congratulations to the winners:) I think I will have to give the garland a try - they are sooo beautiful!

  3. \o/ Wow, that's great!
    But... I have to make a confession.
    I cheated.

    First, I look a map and searched for images from various cities around Nuremberg, and found 3 candidates. Then I have a hunch, and look at the file name of the photos

    The funny thing is, when I searched for images from Coburg, I found a lot of brazilian flags:,0

    I have no idea :D

  4. @elaine: it is very easy. If you get stuck (because the instructions might be misleading or something) let me know and I will help!

    @Solange: Oh *lol* the filenames! I didn't think of that! However, that was truly clever of you!
    Please don't forget to email me your address. Would you like your garland in light or in darker green (vines and leaves)? Did you get my e Mail?


  5. P.s. @Solange: The link you found is about a Samba festival, which was celebrated at Coburg this year. Samba and Samba groups are getting quite popular in Germany, lately. It's such a cheerful way to party! :-)

  6. Congratulations to the winners!!! I will just have to make one for myself now won't I :-)

  7. That flower-garland really was lovely!

  8. Oh my, I can't believe I came too late for this giveaway. It's absolutely stunning!

  9. I didn't win but I have given you a blogger award over at my blog anyway ;)

  10. I followed the link from Teawagon over to you and how glad was I. So colourful, fun and inspirational - a blissful new blog to read.


  11. ... zauberhaft ist es bei dir! ;))

    Glückwunsch an die Gewinner.

    Herzlichst, Bea

  12. Hi,
    There is a little surprise for you on my blog:)

  13. Hi Jo.....Hope all is well and that your silence is just because you are very busy. Hope it isn't Mo being a naughty muse!!!!

  14. hello, I keep coming back to your blog in the hope that you have resumed making and sharing your beautiful things here...

  15. Hello. I just found your gorgeous blog and then was so sad to see that you've not posted for a long time...hope you'll come back. I love what you've done so far! xxxx

  16. Hi, Jo! ^^
    I really liked your blog and I´m gonna put your link on mine. Do you use Flickr?
    Regards from Brazil!
    Simone. ^^

  17. Hello,
    For een few months I follow you, now I have my owm blog ...Marjo's Cosy Corner
    Welcome !

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  19. I passed on a blog award to you my dear! I hope all is well with you and yours. Come back! (now got the song in my head... 'baby come back' aghhh ;)

    Annabelle x

  20. Love your blog! guess I just missed the change of winning this great giveaway!

  21. Jo, I hope all is well and that you are just taking a break....a long break!!! We miss you and your wonderful blog....

  22. Hope you are doing well. So much lovely things on your blog in such a short time. Hope to hear more soon. Greetings

  23. I, like so many others who have commented, also hope you are coming back soon! I cannot thank you enough for listing my little blog on your blogroll-you've sent SO much traffic my way! I really do appreciate it. ;)

  24. hallo

    die Gerlande ist herzallerliebst.

    hugs Conny

  25. "The second garland was raffled among all the other participants. I closed my eyes and grabbed one name out of the bowl"

    that's fantastic!


  26. Amei seu blog, já estou te seguindo. Quando puder da uma passadinha no meu
    Boa semana, bjus!!!

  27. That garland is so pretty -- I have GOT to learn to crochet!

  28. Jo, gostei tanto do seu blog! Vi que faz tempo que vc não o atualiza. Hoje fiz uma postagem no meu, aqui do Brasil. Se você usar o tradutor do Google você vai poder compreender. Diz assim:Nomes, inspiração e maluquetes
    Dizem que o nosso nome talvez seja o som que mais gostamos de ouvir. Acho também que a grafia dele promove em nós um efeito aconchegante. Digo isso porque navegando na blogsfera encontrei o, de uma alemã maluquete chamada Jo, que deu o nome de Mo para uma criatura imaginária que lhe inspira artes e textos. É como se as intuições, talento, criatividade e habilidades pertencessem a um ser efêmero e volátil, que tem vontade própria, e nos visita quando bem entende. Adorei isso! Pois bem, lá no blog foi feito um sorteio em que uma tal Solange (não sou eu), também brasileira, ganhou o prêmio. A foto aí da postagem foi a forma como ela foi avisada. Sorte das três: da Jo, porque a Mo lhe dá ótimas dicas, da Mo que tem a Jo como forma de concretizar suas ideias e da Solange que ganhou a guirlanda. Pensando bem, sorte minha também, que tive a oportunidade de pegar carona nessa viagem. Bom fim de semana a todas!

  29. Olá Muito Prazer!!
    Adorei seu blog,tem lindos croches por aqui!Parabéns!!

  30. Hi. I just tonight discovered your website, read through, and thoroughly enjoyed it all! Jo and Mo need to come back!

    I hope you are well.

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