Friday, July 16, 2010

Mister Bargain

Some days ago, I felt the need to crochet some doilies out of big yarn. Mo was still missing and I wanted to divert myself with something, because I had begun to worry. My plan was to combine the doilies into one big sofa throw or cover. I was examining one of the white granny-chic beauties and felt rather pleased, when I heard somebody coughing slightly behind me. I turned around to find a tiny grayish fella sitting on my sofa's backrest. "Hello, I'm Mister Bargain" he said, gave me a nod and continued:  "I'm , the vacation replacement." 
I stared at him. He was was wearing huge horn-rimmed glasses. They magnified his eyes disproportional to his little body, that was dressed in a worn out and clearly undersized pinstripe suit.  His bald head was shining and his thick lips grinned at me eagerly before he started again, pointing at himself and speaking slowly: "I am Mister Bargain, I am the vacation replacement for Mo. She wanted to take some days off - you see - because she met this nice guy." Whilst he was speaking, his eyeballs were moving restlessly and made me feel dizzy. "Did you understand me?" he asked.
"So, you are a muse, too?" I noted. 
He laughed: "A muse? Well, one might say so!"
Still wearing a question mark all over my face, I pointed to the doilies, lain out in front of me.
"Oh, that's not my business!" he said shrugging his shoulders. "I'm here to help you otherwise. Let's get started! Look deep into my eyes!"
I could not help but glance at him. His unresting eyeballs now had become pinball bullets in action. I only can remember myself asking: "What do you mean by saying Mo has met a nice guy?" then everything was wreathed in mist.
When I awoke, Mr. Bargain had disappeared and I was sitting in midst of a lot of rummage. Among others, there was a mid century wooden bench, an old lamp, two old writing cabinets, several kitschy decoration items,  and a table from about the 1890's, lovely but in rather poor condition. 

"Dear me!" I thought. Then I begun to move around the stuff, trying to find a place to for each piece, where it could rest a while, before my paint brush would bother it some day. 

Have a nice week end; or, if you are on vacation, like Mo, have a wonderful trip! 

yours sincerely


  1. Mr. Bargain sounds a little scary and spooky, but if this is what he makes you do...well, I say HELLO Mr. Bargain!!! That table is gorgeous and the rest of the stuff....can't wait to see what the paint brush does to it. The doilies are fabulous....making them with thick yarn is great....I made a couple with thick cotton and I love them!
    Hope Mo is behaving herself with her guy!!!
    Have a nice w/e too!!

  2. Your imagination is amazing!:) I want creepy Mr. Bargain just for one weekend! I'll give him back I swear!

  3. PS I did a link to your site with one of your pictures. It fit in with my blog to well! Your truly an artist with your picture taking!

  4. Oooh Mr Bargain sounds dangerous!! What happened to that crafty MO Jo? ;-)

    I love your doilies!!!!! I have been playing with large rope and I wanted to make a rug in the doily shape but I was disappointed to find that I would need about 600 metres of rope for the rug!!!! Cost wise it wasn't going to happen :-(

    I love your mid size doilies so I may have to be content with those? I am still sourcing cheap cotton rope and I haven't given up!!

    I did a post on my blog if you want to check out the photos :-)

  5. Great finds!

    I hope Mo is having a fine time and gets her furry butt home soon!

  6. Danke für den netten Kommentar auf meiner Seite! (Ich schreibe lieber auf Deutsch als auf Englisch, und ich sehe, dass du in Berlin wohnst...) Wie schön, dass es mit der Übersetzung klappt - wenn es auch nicht immer ganz richtig wird, kann man doch meistens den Sinn erkennen!

    Deine Stühle mit den "African Flower"-Motiven finde ich toll und sehr inspirierend!

    Liebe Grüsse

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  8. Thanks for your visit,your blog is beautiful.

  9. Hello.
    I just found your blog after checking out your covered chair on ravelry. Absolutely beautiful!
    Do you have a pattern for that flower garland? I need to add some flower power to my house :o)

  10. Just tell Mr. Bargain to be selective...he can't bring home everything, LOL! I, ahem, on the other hand, have been known to do just that!

  11. Dear Readers, thank you for all your lovely comments and for caring about mo and me! We are very fond of reading comments, but a little slow lately, when it comes to answering. Please excuse!

    @ Marylin and Bea-Me Kniits you are right, Mr. Bargain is a spooky guy and if he shows up at your place, hold your wallet tight, because he's a very enthusiastic buyer!

    @Bea-Me Kniits: I've been experimenting with crocheting rope for making a carpet lately, too. I tried to make ropes by the means of a "Knit Jenny" (Strickliesl) but it took too much yarn to be affordable. So, the plan is to use four strands of big yarn without roping it first, which also consumes lots of yarn but feels a nicer to my feet. At the moment, I'm torn between using acrylic yarn or wool. I also have to try out crocheting some wool that isn't spun. One could machine felt it... oh my! Anyway, thanks for the link to your blog, I took a look already but have to examine it more closely.

    @Renee: Looks like we both have the same muse, or should I say demon? ;-)

    @Sylke: Ja, das mit der Übersetzung hat prima geklappt. Ich hatte keine Mühe Deinen Text zu verstehen.

    @Kari: Thank you for showing the picture at your lovely blog and thank you for telling me about it, too. We don't mind at all, but feel truly honored.

    @Moogie: I'll try to write down what I did and post it here or send you a mail as soon as I find some time. It's very easy but I fear it will sound too complicated when I try to explain it. :-D

  12. What a lovely lovely blog! Your home, your work, everything is beautiful!


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