Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rudi - The Writing Desk

"Hey, Jo!", a little voice shouted, "I'm back!" Mo was propping against a paint tin and gave me a big smile and kept on talking: "I'm feeling great! Did you miss me?" 
 "Not too much, I was in quit absorbing company" I said trying to look indifferent.
"Ah, Mr. Bargain, the vacation replacement! What do you think of him?" Mo wanted to know.
"Don't ask me, ask my purse!" I sighted.
"I know. He is fantastic, but has a tendency to overshoot!" she laughed and pointed at the old writing desk I had nearly finished painting: "I bet, he made you buy this!"
I nodded. "It's going to be my son's desk. Blue and red are his favorite colors and he'll be a school boy in one month time!" 
"Good heavens!" she yelled and glanced at me pitiful. "How time flies for you humans!" 
Mo has been around me ever since I can remember and doesn't look older than a 16 or maybe 18 years old girl by now. Me instead has turned forty this spring. Dear readers, I felt the need to change the subject: "How was your vacation?"
"Wonderful!" she dwelt and stretched herself. 
"Mr. Bargain told me, that you had been with someone?"
She grinned at me for some time before she said: "Maybe I'll introduce you to him, one day. But let's talk about this desk, first. The backplane is a little broken. You could take some fabric to cover it. Moreover, it lacks an ABC garland! One with big letters on the front and small letters on the back, at best!" 

And this is how the desk has turned out. We named it "Rudi", by the way. When I took these pictures in my working room - the light was better there, than in the kid's room - I felt an strong urge to keep Rudi for myself. Luckily Mr. Overshoot-Bargain  had made me buy not only one writing desk, but two. So there's a similar desk, waiting to meet the paintbrush, which will be mine and I think, it will get a little garland as a companion, too.

Till next time, dear readers!

Yours Mo and Jo


  1. What, pray tell, is that lovely ripple goodness on your floor??? I'm freaking out over here! :)

  2. I'm so happy when I find a new story!! Mr Bargain did you a favour with those desks, I think! and I hope Miss Mo tells us her story soon too....about this stranger she met!!
    Waiting to see what you do with your desk Jo.....and I'd like to know about what is on the floor too!!

  3. Quite lovely colors, bright and good for studying.

  4. @Victory Garden Yarn and Marilyn: Didn't I tell, my carpets are all crocheted? *lol*, just kidding, that's what I'm dreaming of! This is only a ripple blanket, which normally covers our bed. It's quite huge and it took me from last autumn to this spring to get it finished. :-) But one fine day, I'll might have one exclusively for my working rooms floor! (Still dreaming) :-))

  5. What a great colors you have chosen for the desk! And what an achievement that you finished your huge ripple blanket in such a short time! (I finished my quite smaller granny blanket in more then a year....)

    xx Petra

  6. Wow! I love the colour of the desk,my boys are always asking me why I paint everything white,after seeing your picture I am wondering that myself.

  7. Fantastic desk and I love the a,b,c garland! Mo is quite remarkable isn't she!
    That ripple on the floor is also divine...

    Little man is onto a winner there and perfect in time for school :-)

  8. What a wonderful desk with a wonderful story! I have admired your photos on flickr and thought I should come by and see your blog. I am so glad I did and I will be back for more!
    Have a lovely day.

  9. I love your story and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that ripple blanket on your floor! I'm thinking you can make one with Rug Yarn :)

  10. The floors and the colours are just lovely, lovely.

  11. Hello!

    I came to know your blog and loved the ideas!
    I'm following you and I will link to your blog there on my ... when you can, is there to know my blog, right?
    Helena Garcia

  12. Lindíssimo seu blog!

  13. wow! Looks great! Love the collors and the desk it's perfect. Nice work! Congrats!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous revamp! I'm so happy to find your blog via i-crochet, and I'm linking to this and the lampshade on my weekly linking party. I'd love it if you'd drop by on Sunday for the next party, and share some more of your wonderful and colorful creativity! all the best!

  15. I totally adore this desk!

    Have a really nice day and greetings from Cologne!
    xoxo, nora.

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  17. g*o*r*g*e*o*u*s!!!

    I love love love it!!

    Greetings from Flensburg!


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