Tuesday, June 8, 2010

About naming

This is only my third post and I'm already in troubles. How come? Well, I was in a perfectly good mood until Mo showed up this morning and asked: "Do you know what the difference is between you and the people of Ikea?"
"They manage to give their stuff proper names!" said Mo and curled a strand of her long white hair around her index finger.
"But I do give names to anything around" I replied puzzled. "Mrs. Schmitt the new cabinet, Wiesbaden the dining table, Wilbur the couch. What more could one want?"
"A little thoughtful research in advance in spite of spontaneous and loudly proclaiming a name to the whole wide web world!" she complaint.

"You neglected blogging rule number one: Always ask doc Google before you name your blog!"
My heart sank and I asked: "What's wrong with the name?"
"Nothing but the fact that Mo and me is the title of a movie, a documentary, already!" whispered Mo.
"I didn't knew!" I replied weak.
"Can you imagine the crowds of disappointed cineastes when they mistakenly come ashore our little place?"
I turned white thinking about cease-and-desist orders by legions of lawyers. "How embarrassing! Mo, what are we going to do now?" Mo shrug her shoulders with a very clueless, ingenuous expression.
"Come on, you call yourself a muse! So please give me an idea!" I begged. 
"We could rename it. Say, About Mo and Jo, for example" she said.
"I wanted to leave my name out actually. Besides, we have two official readers already. What will they think?"
"We might ask them. Fortunately Blogger comes with built in demographic power. We could run a poll!" Mo grinned.
"That's ridiculous, isn't it?" sighed me. 
"Do you have a better idea then?" she asked carefully.
Bud I hadn't.

So, please help us making a decision! You'll find the poll formular at the very end of the page.

Edit: The poll is closed and since most participants voted to leave the name as it is, we decided not to change it. 

Just to show something more pleasant, I want to introduce you to one of Mrs. Schmitt's daughters in smurf blue:

Till next time
yours Mo and Jo


  1. Hello there! What a bummer about your name!!! I voted and said I'd help you to come up with a new name....however...am I really talented enough to come up with one??? I don't know! I do however think you should consider something to do with "conversations" because your style of writing is ver conversational! I love it! It feels like I'm right there with you listening in on your talks. You feel like friends of mine...very real...and whitty! SO, hmmmm....that's a difficult one. I've always liked the term Chit Chat...I also love when folks use the + sign for and...maybe that would make it just a bit different?

    Chit Chat with Mo + Jo? I'm not suggesting that this be the title....just something to get your creative juices flowing! :)

    Either way...I'll be checking in to see what you're up to as you have such lovely photos/design! I'm so glad to have met you and look forward to "conversing" soon! ;o)

    Trish :)

  2. Hello,
    I just found your blog from seeing your photo on Flickr. It's lovely and I look forward to visiting it often.
    I like the name and suggest you turn it around and call it Me and Mo.....
    I love the painted chairs....I had some like these years ago and wish I still did!! Congratulations on a wonderful blog..Mo had a good idea!!

  3. I just stopped by your blog and took a vote about your blog name. What’s up with that? I thought you were Mo and me and I really liked that! I thought that name was cute, catchy and fit the story of your little alter ego so well! Please, don’t give that up!

    … oh, now I get it! I actually knew about that movie and it didn’t bother me – but you might get hits from people looking for the movie instead. Then again; you might win them over as readers :)

    How about mo’s musings then? (I haven’t googled, just a thought!) Mo is your muse, musings are sort of random but deep thoughts – if you muse on something, you think about it, usually saying or writing what you are thinking at the same time, right?

    Anyhow! Keep up the good work :)

  4. My oh my! Thank you so much for your caring words, thoughts and suggestions! We've read your comments over and over with joy and pride, because we didn't expect to gain such absolutely wonderful readers so fast, with our little blog.

    As for now, there is no decision in sight concerning the name. Mo wants me to call the blog either "About Mo", with out mentioning the "me" any longer, or to name it "The blog formerly known as Mo and me". The last one is too ridiculous so I'm not taking this for serious. I suggested "Living with Mo", but she refused, saying it would sound like "living with a disease". Well, I have to confess, this ambiguity was actually in the back of my mind and intentional.
    To include something pointing out the conversational style in the title, as dear Trisha recommended, is a brilliant idea. But Mo is not always around and there might come a post every now and then, when you'll have to deal with Jo's babble only. The term "Chit Chat" was new to me, being not a native English speaker. Although I've looked it up, I'm not sure about the connotation and feelings the term is connected with. The same with "Mo's musings", which I seriously love, but which sounds to my (German) ears far too poetic to describe what's going on here.
    I also liked the idea of turning us two around in "About me and Mo", but Mo disagreed, saying this would get the focus absolutely wrong. Oh my dear!

    There also seems to be something wrong with the poll gadget, at the moment. After asking Doc. Google, I've learned, that we're not the only ones having this problem.

    Maybe it would be the best to leave the name as it is and to see what is happening? After all, the movie is called "Mo & me" without any "about" in front of it. Moreover we fear for what will happen, when we rename our place. We don't want a single reader or link to get lost, because we enjoy your company and support so very, very much! My oh my!

    xxx Mo and Jo

  5. I have read through your whole blog and love it so much! I really really really really really need a granny square footstool like yours... thank you for the inspiration!


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