Thursday, June 3, 2010

About starting something new

Today, Mo said to me: "Let's start something new!", and I replied: "Not again, we're constantly starting something new, but rarely get things done, once we've started! Some days ago we've started patch working, for example, and as you can see, I'm still busy with that!"

 "I guess, today we should start something that doesn't need to be finished at all", was Mo's conclusion and then she added: "What about a blog?"
"A blog? At the internet?"
"No, under the kitchen sink! “ she grinned.
"But, why?” I asked and turned off the sewing machine. Mo made a very big gesture for someone who is only about 10 cm small and shouted: "Because you love blogs, you spend a lot of time reading them! You should have your own!"
"I don't think people will be interested in my stuff. Nobody is going to read it."
Mo smiled. "That doesn't matter! We are going to visit it every now and then our selves. It will be great to browse through all the things we've started."

I raised my eyebrows and mumbled: "Maybe it will remind us, to finish them, too?"
"You are so negative! You are always looking for the hair in the soup! This is why you never get things done!" said Mo. Irony always makes her angry.
"Let's say, you want a blog and I'm supposed to write it? Is it that, what you are talking about?"
"Well, I can't write it! You know perfectly well that my English is bad and I can't handle the keyboard!" she argued."My English isn't good neither!", I added for consideration.
Mo happily shrugged her little shoulders: "Never mind. You've said it yourself; nobody is going to read it!"
"Ok!" I resigned, "Why not? Let's try."
And then, in spite of proceeding with stitching together this vintage patchwork wall cover, I took up the camera and made some pictures to document our constant starting process.

As for the patch work, it actually started recently with Mrs. Schmitt.

When I painted her, I found a little quotation behind her drawers. It was a coast estimation for a day trip to the zoo. The offer included the bus trip, coffee, some cake and was adressed to Mrs. Schmitt. Now she watches over some creatures of my animal collection and we all hope strongly, this will keep her from thinking about visiting the zoo by herself. Mo suggested to give her a colerful inner life by the use of vintage fabrics, just to be on the safe side.


  1. Oh wow. So glad you've joined the blogging world. I've just seen your patchwork and Mrs Schmitt on flickr and was blown away. How can one person have such a collection of retro fabric/wallpaper loveliness - it is so hard to get hold off now in the UK.

  2. Bienvenue!

    I'm thinking about a blog myself. I will come again to visit.

    Bonne Chance and have fun!


    Pour toujours

  3. Thank you two - Mo and me are smiling like happy buddhas since we read your friendly words. We were not expecting to get feedback so fast and warm. Thank you so much!

    @follyandglee: The problem is, my collection isn't very big at all and I fear I'll run out of the really good fabrics soon. Need to find a good source for more. So far I've bought some rather small scraps at fleamarkets and on ebay.

  4. Hab gerade eine glückliche halbe Stunde verbracht und mir alle deine Fotos nochmal in aller Ruhe und mit all den vielen lieben kleinen Details angesehen. Die Stoffe sind ein absoluter Traum und vor allem so viele verschiedene. Ich hab letztes Jahr ein paar Bettbezüge ergattert aber immer noch zu wenig für Patchwork. Aber darf ich dich trotzdem schon mal fragen, wie du sie an der Schrankwand befestigt hast - geklebt? Ich hätt nämlich auch so ein altes Stück bei dem mir die Glasscheiben beim Umzug gebrochen sind und wenn ich mal ganz viele verschiedene Stoffe habe, dann würd ich deine Idee gern nachmachen. Es lebe das Internet mit so wunderbar kreativen Menschen wie dich!

  5. Hallo Krawuggl,

    tausend Dank für Deinen lieben Kommentar! Ich finde es auch schwierig, an alte Stoffe heran zu kommen, vor allem an günstige, denn mein Budget ist wirklich sehr klein.

    Die Schrankrückwand haben wir einfach abgenommen (sie war vorher angenagelt) und mit dem zusammengenähten Stoff provisorisch bespannt, indem wir den Stoff auf der Rückseite rings herum mit Tesa fixiert haben. Dannach haben wir die Rückwand wieder eingesetzt, noch etwas am Stoff gezuckelt und geruckelt, bis er saß und schließlich haben wir, mit Hilfe eines Elektor-Tackers, das ganze endgültig fixiert, immer am Rand lang, dort wo die Platte vorher angenagelt worden war. Voila! (Mit “wir” meine ich hier ausnahmsweise nicht Mo und mich, sondern meinen Lebensgefährten und mich. ;-) )

    Ich hoffe, das war nun nicht zu kompliziert erklärt, es ist auf jeden Fall einfacher, als es hier klingt.

    x Jo

  6. Thanks for blogging! I look very much forward to following you!


  7. LOVE the patch work! I am a young 28 yr old who has recently got into vintage stuff all of a sudden! I am trying to finish my 2 and a half daughters room and I want to make her a quilt, or patchwork bedding of some sort. I have also been thinking about starting a blog because I have made so many things in the past few months and would love to share them with others.


Mo and me are absolutely delighted with reading comments, because they tell us, you had been here. :-)