Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A teeny weeny project

"Jo? What's wrong with you? You're looking like a seeped cropping a cotton coaster" Mo said to me today.
"That's because of the blog!" I answered feeling uncomfortable. "I would like to show just one finished project but everything is only work in progress"
Mo shook her little head in disbelief and laughed: "What are you worrying about? You just need a teeny weeny new project and one thing will lead to another!"
"Oh please, not another venture, right now!" I cried out but Mo wasn't listening.
"Positively, buttons are the answer to your problem" she grinned. "You always wanted to cover some buttons with fabric, don't you? And recently we do have a lot of vintage fabric scraps!"
"That's far too fiddly for me, I guess!" I opposed but Mo commanded: "Let's find out!

Well, what shall I say. With the help of this great tutorial by CraftPudding a new addiction was born. I covered button after button. To my surprise it was incredible fun, fast and not fiddly at all! I was very happy, for now I was able to show a finished teeny-weeny project to the whole wide web world.

But my relief shouldn't last long, certainly. After I  had covered a bunch of buttons Mo smiled at me: "Jo, can you remember the project, we could not finish, because we were lacking nice buttons?"
I took a deep breath and felt my good mood fading: "Oh, that project!"
"Now, we can get it done!" giggled Mo and I just nodded, because, it's always the same: One project leads to another. I reached for a sewing needle and began sewing some buttons to that project.

Here is a preview of that project:

I promise, I'll show you the rest, after I've managed to hide thousands of loose ends, one fine day!

Have a nice time, what ever big or small project you might be engaged with!


  1. hey this looks great. If you get as addicted to making buttons as I am I'll introduce towards "little arthur" (see blog) x

  2. Thank you BaileyGirl5 and follyandglee!

    I would love to have a friend like Little Arthur by my side. He looks so ... tough and strong. I'll keep my eyes open for one of his brothers but so far I have to stitch the buttons the old fashioned way, because I'm sure no modern tool will do for me!

  3. Holy crap, I have looked at so many blogs. Liked so many spaces but never loved them. You have done an amazing job with your place and I am now an ardent follower and you thought no one would read, pshaw my friend!

  4. I love those buttons! I'll have to check out craftpudding! Thanks for showing us these!


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