Friday, June 11, 2010

Sun Bathing

Mo wanted me to add some more paint to these chairs today...

... but it's really hot and everyone is lazy...

... so I was sun bathing instead!

Have a wonderful & sunny week-end!


  1. Thank goodness for Mo! She's just full of great ideas! All my partner wants to do is nap all day and chase kitties. Oops! Guess I shouldn't have told that last part ....

    I love your little blog, and your apartment (my goodness!). I'm glad you have such an ambitious friend.

  2. Sun bathing sounds lovely too but I see why Mo is impatient. That first finished chair is amazing!It's fun to see all the different steps in the process in your line-up of chairs.

  3. I've just read your kind words to Mo and she cheered with delight! Now, she knows, she has some fine allies out there :-). But with this winter being so cold and the rainy spring after wards, it was a pleasure to ignore her alluring whispers that day. You have to know, I'll do all the painting in the cellar, because that's the best place to keep the cats and the toddler away from the drying paint. And our cellar is an old one, that type you want to cool your beer in all year long. So please, take this as a weak excuse for me being so lazy.

    xxx Jo

  4. I've just discovered your blog, and I love your take on painting furniture, you think 'outside the box', and that's fascinating and inspiring, thank you. Vanessa x


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