Thursday, June 24, 2010

When in doubt add a flower

"Hey, Jo! What are you doing?"  Mo shouted and made me cringe. "You are staring at that computer screen for hours!"
Over and over again, I had been reading through these lovely comments on Lucy, the lady-chair and hadn't even noticed her arrival.
"I feel a little bit lost" I said, "because I want to say 'thank you' to all those people and don't know, how to do it properly. I always fear to sound pathetic when trying to express my feelings in English."
"Then try it in your mother tongue instead!" was Mo's conclusion, which made perfect sense to me.
I wrote down:

Liebe Leser aus aller Welt,
wir waren sehr überrascht über die vielen freundlichen Kommentare zu Lucy, dem Damensessel, und freuen uns wie wahnsinnig darüber! Ein dickes fettes Dankeschön an Euch alle, Ihr seid absolute Spitze!

I sighed with relief and Mo gave me a gentle slap on my back. "Can we get productive again, then?" she said, pointing at an old lamp, that I had painted recently but which was still lacking a lampshade make-over. 
Moments later, I was examining  our pool of vintage fabrics and everything went quite well until Mo decided, like in so many cases, that there was still something missing. 
"You  are right! It's got a lampshade now, but it isn't finished yet" I admitted carelessly.
"Fortunately we can make use of Mo's up-cycling rule No. 1" Mo replied with confidence.
"Which is?" I asked.
"When in doubt, add a flower!" she smiled and one second later, the so-called muse was gone.
I started crocheting and added some flowers to the lower ribbon of the lamp shade, which seemed to me fairly sensible at that time.


Then, as a logical consequence, I begun to add some flowers to the lampshade itself.


I didn't notice, the crochet flower virus was having a good grip on me, again. So things were getting out of control soon.

I had pinned half a flower shop to the lampshade before I got aware of what I was doing here. I surveyed my deed with a vague feeling. Was it good? Bad? Fine? Ugly? I didn't know. I was stuck. Fortunately I hadn't sewn most of the flowers to the lampshade, yet. I could still take them off again. I needed an advice, but where was Mo? All I could do, was to put some of her little furniture below the lamp, in hopes of luring her out.

As I'm writing this, I am still waiting for her, to take a seat and give me a hint.

What do you think, she will say?

Have a great time!
Yours Jo (and Mo)


  1. oh my goodness!...such a fun, playful lamp!!
    love it :)

  2. Your work is amazing! I have come to the conclusion that you are in fact a genius!
    I love the lampshade.

  3. Charmingly romantic! And flowers! We all love flowers!

  4. She will say 'It is done' ;-) Beautiful job, I love the way the light shines thru the flowers! You are an inspiration!

  5. So adorable. The colors just pop with the lighting...

  6. Don't question what you have created Jo, because at that day and time that is what your creativity wanted to make. Enjoy it.
    Because next week, you may do something else totally different. So look at it as a reminder of the inspiration that came over you that day.
    Remember that we never feel the same day after day. Each day produces a new expression from us.
    The lamp is beautiful, and so happy.

  7. Bin jetzt vollkommen überwältigt, so schön ist der Lampenschirm. Außergewöhnlich, ein Traum, was ganz besonderes, lustig und fröhlich, mit aller Herrlichkeit. Ich dachte ja, deine Lucy wär nicht mehr zu toppen, und das ist sie im Grunde ja auch nicht, aber dieser Lampenschirm - ohje, ohje, wie soll ich mich da jetzt bloß auf die Hundeschule konzentrieren können!
    Und Mo wird genauso begeistert sein (wenn sie es sich vielleicht auch erst mal nicht so anmerken läßt) und du wirst sehen, sie macht es sich gemütlich und ist aus diesem Eckchen nicht mehr wegzubringen.

  8. I dare say Mo will be very pleased.

  9. Your work is so fun and beautiful... It´s amazing. The chair was incredible, and the lamp too. Glad to find your blog. Very nice

  10. This is just so lovely ,I adore the way the flowers just grew themselves .Looks great.

  11. either no flowers on the lampshade or all the flowers on the lampshade. no half way - it's going to be gorgeous.

  12. What a beautiful lamp! It's so wonderfully bright and really makes a statement! Love it!

  13. I love you blog, just found it today and it's so so sweet :) Have a lovely day

  14. Thank you all for your wonderful comments! It makes me so very happy and it's fantastic motivation, too! Thank you very, very much!

  15. Ich finde die Lampe auch toll! Super Idee. perfekte Ausführung, lustig und fröhlich anzuschauen. Einfach hipp! 1000 Grüsse

  16. Hullo there!! I am very new to crochet and the blog-o-sphere that goes with it, but enjoying peeping into wonderful creative minds... I discovered your blog this morning, and am happy to say I haven't done much except drooling... I LOVE this lampshade! So much fun... Ah how envious I am of you people able to CREATE... XOX

  17. Such beautiful work! I linked to your blog on my blog this morning, after admitting I had a crush on the green cabinet you made over. BUT I have to say I adore the croched additions to the lamp and the teeny furniture next to it. cute cute cute!

  18. thank you very much for your lovely comment, sunny, and for linking our blog! Mo and me enjoy getting feedback very much and although me was a little bit ill today (tooth problem), you brightened my mood a lot with your message!

    All the best

    Jo (and Mo)

  19. Hi Jo!

    I just meet your blog from Crafty sunday and I love it!!
    This craft is sooooo beautiful!! I would love to can crocheted!

    Hugs from Ireland (but I came from Spain)
    meni :*

  20. I have no idea what Mo will say, but I can tell you that the lamp is beautifull!!! I love it!!!

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  24. Absolutely beautiful lamp! What a great idea for re-purposing.

  25. I really love your lamp. It made me feel good and it made me smile.

  26. Lovely blog, but looks like you stopped blogging 3 years ago, sad...


Mo and me are absolutely delighted with reading comments, because they tell us, you had been here. :-)